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Couple months ago I posted my calendar for social media content and that has been a quite popular for readers! There have been a few requests about to have this also in English and today I decided to finally do the translation. So here you are!

Once in a while, there is so much stuff to do or run out of ideas that you don’t have anything to post on social media channels. Especially if you are managing with business accounts. The goal is to produce quality content for all channels, so people would pay attention to them and raise visibility.

Facebook has tools for publishing posts with timing and it is possible to do also with Instagram by certain apps. This makes things easier and saves time. I thought that some kind of content calendar would be nice, but all of those which I found were under payment. You can search for ideas, but I wanted to create my own calendar for this. So here it is and free to be used! You can easily modify it to suit for you and its able to be utilized on a personal account or for business. Doesn’t need to be related to horses. 😉

Days and descriptions:

  • 1. Quote – some sentence or aphorism to make viewers think.
  • 2. Selfie – your own selfie, with a friend or took by a pet, just attach to daily theme or feeling.
  • 3. Product of service in use – do you have a favourite product? Or does the company has some specific thing to sell? Represent and recommend.
  • 4. / 11. / 18. #tbt – Throwback Thursday – don’t need explanations. Old pic from the past.
  • 5. Behind the scenes – how is it on the other side of the camera?
  • 6. What is inside the – what you have in your school bag, purse, toolbox or car?
  • 7. Video – any moving picture.
  • 8. Meme – do a meme by yourself or borrow one with a message.
  • 9. Fact about you – show and tell something interesting.
  • 10. Repost – found an entertainment or amazing post? Share it.
  • 12. Number or amount – 6 pair of shoes, 3 siblings, 2 dogs…
  • 13. Flatlay – picture took straight from above. Use a collage style, Google some examples!
  • 14. DIY-tip – are you crafty? Share it with others.
  • 15. Book tip – what you have been reading, favourite book…
  • 16. Lead to a website – link to your blog, company’s website etc. Justify, why people should visit there?
  • 17. Feedback – a comment that you have got or a compliment from school, work or from your mother.
  • 19. Collage – a collection made from several photos.
  • 20. Application – represent your favourite app.
  • 21. In nature – photo took in the forest, at the beach or in the park. Use seasons and different weathers.
  • 22. Ask a question – ask followers if they have questions or ask something from the followers. Anyhow, this is how to interact with people.
  • 23. Shoutout – give credits for some other social media user!
  • 24. New thing – show what you have bought or tell if you are planning to purchase something.

Also remember to 1) engage: give users a reason to read your posts, 2) activate: earn comments, likes and shares and 3) make an effort: don’t take social media posts too obvious.

Thanks for reading! Please, share this post and give me a comment. 🙂

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